Mosaic Student Exhibit

MOSAIC is the umbrella under which all of Blue Star’s educational and community outreach programming takes place.  The MOSAIC directors and staff are dedicated to creating community interaction around art.  MOSAIC develops innovative programs that stir the imagination and inspire people of all ages while connecting Blue Star to the San Antonio community in fun, original ways. 
Blue Star’s MOSAIC program provides mentoring and art enrichment to youth, adults and elders in a safe and nurturing environment. MOSAIC believes in collaborating with other community organizations and employing artists whenever possible. MOSAIC strives to inspire creativity in all areas of the San Antonio community, especially where art education has been discontinued.
MOSAIC is articulated on the premise that art’s fundamental role in the community has seen a progression from private to public service: we seek to connect diverse cultural and demographic groups through the diffusion, appreciation and cultivation of art.  Our courses, public events and public art projects are designed to increase cultural exchange and cohesiveness in the community. Conversely, we foster art as a viable, rewarding career, nurturing and guiding aspiring artists through art instruction, practical advice and mentoring   MOSAIC opens the art studio to the public and takes art into the streets, focusing on collaborative exchanges and promoting visual literacy and expression in the community.
MOSAIC educational programming impacts upwards of 4,000 San Antonio community members each year.

MOSAIC After School Program
MOSAIC (Mosaic Of Student Artists In Community) is a free after-school program for high school youth.  The MOSAIC studio experience exposes students to drawing, painting and other fundamental visual art techniques and it culminates in the creation of mosaic tile art.   MOSAIC also includes discussions of basic portfolio-building and survival techniques for the professional art world that will give the participants a rounded art experience.
We exhibit student artwork on a regular basis and actively seek public and private art commissions for our students, and we encourage high school art departments to apply by requesting a presentation by MOSAIC Studio Manager Alex Rubio, during which he will interview individual students, review their portfolio and select and recruit. 
MOSAIC Students are available for public art projects, murals and commissions.  100% of project fees go back into the MOSAIC after school program allowing free after-school art education programming.  For more information contact