Alex Rubio

Alex Rubio - San Antonio Artist and Studio Manager of the Blue Star Mosaic Project.

Growing up in the San Antonio West Side, Rubio began his artistic career as a young muralist in a non-profit arts organization, and learned the value of public art education programs as providers of essential technical art training.   He also learned to appreciate the importance of documenting the community and its culture, by teaching tradition, history and culture through art.   

This experience inspired Rubio to develop, along with his career as a visual artist, extensive experience as an art educator in various settings, functioning as a mentor to aspiring and developing artists, some of whom have already achieved national recognition. 

Alex Rubio is an acclaimed visual artist who has exhibited in premier art galleries locally and nationally, including shows at The McNay Art Museum, ArtPace, and local and traveling exhibitions through the San Antonio Museum of Art.

As Blue Star’s MOSAIC Art Studio Manager, Alex Rubio employs his natural talent and extensive experience as an instructor in non-profit arts organizations to inspire people of all ages to explore art through a variety of techniques and media.

MOSAIC is the umbrella under which all of Blue Star’s educational and community outreach programming takes place.  MOSAIC (Mosaic Of Student Artists In Community) is a free after-school program for high school youth.  The MOSAIC studio experience exposes students to drawing, painting and other fundamental visual art techniques and it culminates in the creation of mosaic tile art.