Barbara Stecklein

Works on Paper

In 1985, after completing a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio, Texas, Barbara Stecklein began her art career concentrating on still life compositions using watercolor and graphite. Eventually she added charcoal and pastel.

While living in Texas, each year was divided into three different still life seasons. Beginning in January, Stecklein's work began with iris flowers in the garden. Then sunflowers were drawn over the summer months in the studio and still life artwork of squash, fruits, and vegetables were drawn over the fall and winter months.

Now living on her family farm near Mount Hope, Kansas Stecklein's work includes landscapes of grain fields and snow scenes.

The size of the work Barbara undertakes each year depends on the abundance of still life material. Many pastels have taken several years to complete as she works as much as possible directly from the subject matter. She sometimes uses photographs to complete some pieces, such as the large iris and rose drawings, if she has an unsuccessful garden season.

Stecklein's work has also grown in size over the years and it is not uncommon for her pastels to be from 48 inches to as much as 72 inches wide.

Because of the nature of her work and the amount of time each one requires, Barbara Stecklein long ago decided not to sell her originals. After finding someone who could make reproductions that she thought were of excellent quality, however, she offers reproductions for sale through exhibitions and from her company, Brown Square Reproductions.