City of San Antonio, Texas

Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center (One Stop Center) 1901 S. Alamo @ Flores. 

A 54x14 foot mural representating the panoramic night scape of San Antonio was constructed for the mezzanine entrance.  This project was done in conjunction with the artist Angel Rodriguez-Diaz.

The Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, also known as the “One Stop,” features a public artwork by Angel Rodriguez-Diaz that integrates references to the role the San Antonio River played in developing a modern-day city.Exterior stairs are embedded with metal letters spelling a quote from General Domingo Teran de los Rios, and describes San Antonio as “…a lush area, full of life, where there is an abundance of water and land. ”

The artist also developed the building’s color scheme that represents water, lush vegetation, and the evening sky.The major artwork of the facility is “Birth of a City”, a 54 foot long giclee-printed mural consisting of thirteen canvases mounted onto acoustic panels. The mural depicts a nighttime portrait of San Antonio that is a collage of panoramic photographs that were painted over and the entire miniature mural was digitally scanned to the appropriate size and printed as a Giclee.

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